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portrait - gosiko - heike sylvia müller - bobbin lace wir jewelry

portrait - gosiko - Heike Sylvia Müller

Welcome to our little lace jewelry gallery.

Jewelry Design is our passion. The technology: the clappers. Thus produced is unique filigree jewelry is beautiful. You can find lots of jewelry made ​​of 925 silver, are also planned in future pieces of gold. Our real jewelry is stamped by HSM. So I guarantee my designs, work and authenticity. Our jewelry is not mass produced, each piece is lace with much love and hard work by hand. Each piece of jewelry is a unique, even if it made ​​5 or 10 times, no jewelry piece is exactly like the other.

We live in Bärenwalde, a beautiful little village on the edge of the Erzgebirge in western Saxony. The lace has a long tradition here. And now the children of the Ore re-learn the beautiful art lace. The times of restraint is over. At that time the girls had to go to school to school and bobbin lace was often a strict teacher .... But enough.

 We, meaning myself, my family and my Irish setter Oskar. For the ideas, the lace-making and finishing of unique jewelry I am responsible. My family believes in me and is always there for me. My Oscar is responsible for ensuring that I get enough fresh air and exercise, it is my personal trainer, so to speak ... Only then do I get a clear head and new ideas.

We hope you enjoy browsing them!

 Your Heike Sylvia Mueller, Oscar and family of Bärenwalde, Germany