In a few days there will be my book to buy. I am glad that I have advanced. The book contains a photo description for all the pieces. All texts are also in English. Of course the patterns are also in it. In addition, there is a link address to download the clean 1: 1 pattern, so the book can remain intact.

ISBN-13: 978-1542906920 

ISBN-10: 154290692X

Here is the Link to my book of Amazon.



06.-08.07.2012 OIDFA-Congress in Caen

The Congress of the International Association for bobbin and needle lace held in Caen, Normandy in France instead.
We are delighted we are the first time there.

20.01.2012 The question of real silver wire to make lace ....

prompted us to ask the manufacturer for ..... and to order. Of course, if you have enough lace with silver-plated copper wire and the bobbin finished result looks good, then why not a silver 925?

The new silver 925 products to make lace, it is expected to be mid-February 2012 in the shop.

01/2012 new products in the shop

  • stainless steel wire
  • bobbin lace wire jewelry "Schneewittchen"
  • bobbin lace wire jewelry "Flamenco"

Not only are there new jewelry in January, but now also for stainless steel mallets. The demand has convinced us. Of course, we also provide examples of what you can do with this material and herewith make lace. The two examples show Lace, lace can be both a necklace and a bracelet. This is a pattern with black beads and sequins, we fell to one of flamenco. The other pattern we have lace with white pearls and sequins, this pattern fits so very well as Wedding jewelry. We call it Snow White Lace. Of course possible to produce colors. This is a matter of taste and we do not want to prescribe them. The examples are intended to be only a suggestion. Further work in both patterns are matching earrings.

03.01.2012 Rings, rings, rings ... 1 Pattern - 1000 possibilities

Ringe geklöppelt Edelstahl
Ringe Edelstahl
Ring geklöppelt vergoldet
Ring vergoldet

We want to show them now that there are many opportunities for Pattern. Recently, we also offer stainless steel - wire to the Bobbin Lace. Patterns and suggestions are in the works. An example of the processing of stainless steel, the figure shows the rings. I've used the Pattern of the gold-plated ring. It gives many, many ways. With garnet, pyrite .. hematite with or without a stone. Is the Pattern of the ring it in the shop, because of the abundance of opportunities but only a description of one version. But the Pattern for each ring size 50-70.

02.12.2012 English version under construction

We are considering for some time an English version of our website to create. The decision is now clearer. There are many reasons. Lace makers are all over the world. From Japan to Australia, America and Europe. Not only in German speaking countries. We think our site is interesting for bobbin lace makers around the world. from January 2012 will be available in English. We look forward to your visit!