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In this section you will find Patterns for download. The lace patterns are mostly not tested by me. Not necessarily suitable for beginners. There are mainly traditional bobbin lace from yarn. You get to the pdf file by clicking on the image or the link. If they have implemented a Pattern, so they send me a photo of the work, I would very happy about it.

  • handbag with bobbin lace
  • bobbin lace in work
  • pattern bobbin lace
  • pattern bobbin lace corner
  • pattern bobbin lace tablecloth
  • pattern bobbin lace handbag

new 07/2011 pattern for wide bobbin lace

The origin: Bobbin lace for handbag, worked with black viscose. The instructions for the pocket appeared in the Anna January 2006. For the top we have a continuous top, the corner and a small doily developed. You can put the top together according to their ideas, eg a long table runner. The thicker black viscose made ​​only 4 pairs of bobbins required, only the outer arcs are rotated. When using thinner yarn 5 or 6 pairs.

download pattern bobbin lace for handbag

download pattern bobbin lace corner

download pattern bobbin lace

download pattern bobbin lace tablecloth

pattern bobbin lace handbag

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